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Why. A simple question with not so simple answers. I think we all ask this question at times. You did a great job of capturing the feeling behind that question.
I don't think there is a single word in any language across the world, thas has been used more than that three letter word..."why?"

This spoke to my heart, beautifully written and told.

Thank you. God Bless~
Why is the hardest question, for sure. This is haunting...
This gave me chills, why indeed? I lost my best friend at 16 to a murder suicide....why? We just have to trust God and His infinite wisdom. This is beautiful...God Bless, lynn
Laury had the right word: haunting.
This is very moving; I've written some of this same kind of poem myself. I'm first of all, glad you could release your inner-mose thoughts on what you thought was the eve of your friend's death; but secondly, that you also have written a very beautiful and touching poem that is right on target for the topic this week. Very nicely done. My heart hurts for you, but we all know that no matter what, God is in control. God bless you and Peter and anyone that touches his life.
Congrats! God Bless~
Congrats on being 3rd! God Bless~