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I really like this! I love it when an author can put him/herself in the shoes of a Biblical character and make it come to life. Well done, this was awesome!
I have seen this particular story quite often in this forum, including myself.

But, what fascinates me EACH writer makes it feel "brand new." How each time I read it I see another side to the familiar story.

I Loved this...I thought this was a compelling read, and I felt the MC's heart and anguish.

And, most important of all...Jesus' love grabs my heart every single time.

Thank you for this.

God Bless~
This is beautiful. I began with a very modern image in my mind, and was quite surprised when I realised where the story was going.

You write so very well, I was intrigued and curious the whole way through, and the sense of shame was almost tangible as she was dragged away. And the ending, well that's simply divine - the beautiful grace of God once again shining through. Well done.
What a great entry. Like someone else mentioned, this story amazes me with each telling and re-telling, mainly because of how much it reveals about the heart of Jesus. There are many stories of his forgiveness, but the tenderness of this one is unlike any other and it is that tenderness you have captured better than any other I've read.
Oh, I loved this.

I first thought this was in the modern day, and perhaps you meant it as a modern retelling. But this isn't really a criticism, as I didn't find it at all jarring when I realized what story it was.

Nice job.
The beginning had me thinking it was about someone of today. I quickly realized it was not. You really did justice to this story, and I loved it. God Bless

I didn't catch on right away, but when I did, I realized you had really put a creative spin on the story with just the perfect message.
I agree with the other comments - I love this! I feel like weeping. What a beautiful way to tell this familiar story, making it fresh and new, and relevant.
Oh, what a precious story! You have given beautiful voice to the heartfelt cries of a broken-hearted woman.

Your story is a great reminder that we all need to give, and receive that same kind of mercy and grace!
Happy dancin' with you, dear Laury!
Congratulations!!! Your title and the whole story makes me want to sing the song. Oh how He loves you...oh how He loves me. Oh how He loves you and me!

great job!
Congrats on being in the top ten and placing 10th! God Bless~
Wow, what a unique take on the woman caught in adultery! I love the way you wrote this, concealing the woman's identity until a good two thirds of the way through.

The passage on which this story is based really does show unfairness by the religious leaders to the woman, considering the fact that under the law both the man and woman caught in adultery were to be stoned.

Congratulations on your placement.
Laury, you draw emotion from your reader. Wow! Super congrats on your Editor's Choice award!