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I enjoyed your poem--reminded me of a modern Good Samaritan story told with nice rhythm and rhyme. Very good.
An all together brilliant poem and entry. I was captivated by your words and the powerful a prolific message as we remember Jesus' words:
"...Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me" One of my favorite Gospels, Matthew.

Loved this. Thanks so much.

God bless~
Beautifully written, great job with the topic, and very convicting! I was especially impacted by those last lines: it's not up to me, take the burden off me, it's better for me, "you do unto me."
Beautifully written and flows smooth as butter!
Great poem; easy to read with no stumbling over rhyme or meter. Your message is clear as well. Overall an excellent entry.
Wow, I really loved this. The flow seemed effortless. I figured that the things I didn't understand are because I'm not as up on British lingo as I should be. (My first clue was mobile phone, at least I knew that one :)) Then I figured 999 is the same as our 911> NVQ made me scratch my head but I thought it might replace our EMT but I had to google it to be sure and found National Vocation Qualification. I love learning new things and it also reminds me that my audience is world-wide too. What tingles I get when I think how our writing is being read all over the world. This piece should be read by as many people as possible not only because it is divine but because the message Jesus taught us and you so eloquently included in your poem is a universal message.
Congratulations for ranking 25 overall!