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Sooo close. I felt myself rooting for Tory to take the risk...but loved the end twist--live to learn another day.
Lovely application of theme. I enjoyed the tender, thoughtful concern of the father, as well as the strong life message picked up from a toddler's attempt at walking.
I so enjoyed this well written entry. I loved the last sentence...that said it all. Thanks. God bless~
I absolutely love this! I am a sucker for this type of story. I guess that is natural with ten grandchildren. But your life lesson brought it to a whole bother level. Well done indeed!
This is beautiful. I think you did a beautiful job painting a picture for me. I think learning to walk is a creative take on the topic though I just read one other story about a toddler. Each one was unique and special in its own way.

The only thing I noticed is something I myself have been working on and that's consistency with the POV. Since this is told from the first person, it wouldn't be possible to know the baby's thoughts.

I don't think I'd ever have noticed it because I thought the narrator had a omniscient POV but now that it has been explained to me more thoroughly I do see it.

This is well-written piece and held my attention from beginning to end. It left me with a warm feeling in my heart. The last line was superb.
This is good. Reminds me of times I've done similar things with kids in the church nursery when I knew they could walk! Nope. they aren't too young to learn.
I enjoyed this. A lesson in life with a dash of fun thrown in. Not out right funny, but certainly a 'made me smile' entry.

Thank you.
Powerful message in this delightful article. Fun and excellent read.
So realistic! I can see the scene playing out just as you described.
Very nicely written story which kept my interest from beginning to end. There is nothing like watching the toddler take his/her first steps. I agree with Shann that since you have written this in the first person, you would not know the thoughts of the toddler. I liked your approach on this subject. There is so many unique entries on this subject and yours is the first of its kind. Good job!
This took me back forty years, to when my son was starting to walk. This is beautiful....thank you and God Bless
Wonderful story--right on topic--and wonderful message.
Congratulations! I'm so glad this one placed. I enjoyed this delightful entry.
Congratulations Lillian!
A well deserved EC! Congratulations!

BTW, sorry...I obviously meant "a whole nother level" ...even though it's not proper English! : )

I really enjoyed this, the story, the message. Really well told. Congratulations on your 3rd placing.
Congratulations! God Bless~