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I don't know what else to say but it's perfect! I got tired just reading it. Such a fun and creative idea!
Brilliant. A great idea for this topic. WHo'd me a Mum? - guess we all would, despite the weariness!
I remember those days. You captured well why Moms get weary.
Hahahahahahahahahaha! This was great! And, pertinent to this upcoming Mother's day.

This was delightfully entertaining to read and all of the mother's reading it will relate big time.

Thanks for this clever entry.
Happy Mother's day.

God Bless~
Haha! Yup, tired just reading about it. Very clever and out-of-the-box. Well done!
Love your title:) I think every mother can relate to this. It is a very wearisome entry. I think I'll take a nap. haha;) Cute!
Very creatively written. I could feel the 'frenzy'. How many children were there? It seemed like a lot! I hope she gets to put her feet up for a while. Well done.
Wonderful...takes me back to my son's early years and I get teary eyed....loved it..
I'd "almost" forgotten this stage of life. :) What fun and so creatively written! I love it!
It's hard to imagine anything much more wearying than children. And yet, as you showed at the end, it's eventually worth all of the craziness.

Very cute! Great for the topic.
Such a great entry! Loved it!
Can I mum, can? But that was hours ago mum, can I now?

Well done, I loved every second of it.
Congratulations! This was one of my favorites!
Congrats!!! :D
Love this, and I've SO been there with my six. Very well done and congratulations on your Highly Commended!
Congratulations. God bless~
I'll have to give credit to Laury, who urged me and prodded me to submit something, even though I was weary from babysitting my grandkids.
Congratulations on your HC! This was terrific, you have truly written “weary to the bone”, as anyone knows after spending a day keeping up with an energetic child! Unique idea…loved how being weary from babysitting your grandchildren inspired you to write such a fun and true to life piece! Great job!
Congratulations on your HC, Yvonne. I could see the faces of our three grandsons all over this. So clever and so true! God bless.
Oh, this is perfect. Well done!
Too cute; loved it!