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Oh, this was so thrilling to read! It gave me goose bumps!

I thoroughly enjoyed the symbolism throughout, and the profound messages hidden just beneath the surface! Great job!

Creativity at it's finest!

Here's my "Two Thumbs Up!"
This was a great read. I adored the entire entry and I'm so impressed with the symbolic profusion.

Thank you. Lovely piece.

God Bless~
A super-creative, Christian allegory that's suited for adults and children. Loved the not-so-hidden message. Next illustrated version.

Wonderful! Out of the box! Enjoyable! ...
Very creative! Great job. I think you could have carried the analogy all the way to the end without spelling out the part about Jesus and God. Perhaps in a way it would have been more consistent with the story if you'd allowed the reader to make that jump to understand that the oil was symbolic of the Holy Spirit and the wax was symbolic of someone using themselves up as they try to live in their own power. But I love the concept and it's well-written.
This is perfect. It reminded me a tad of The Fall of Freddy the Leaf. Like that story, this would be a perfect one to help children understand death. It was super creative and I really enjoyed it.