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Simply beautiful--may favorite line: the mellow peace of coming home.
This is great (and I'm not a big poetry fan)! Thoroughly enjoyed your poem, especially the last line, "waiting for good-bye." Wonderful writing!
makes me almost want to get a dog ... almost...
Being an avid animal lover, I truly enjoyed this clever poem. It made me smile, and the last part...waiting to say "goodbye" made my eyes glisten. That is the worst part...saying goodbye.

Excellent job. God bless~
A lovely poem. Your descriptive wording is beautiful. Well done!
Beautiful and descriptive. Great word choices and the flow was beautiful. Loved it.
"They simply sigh..."

Beautiful. I've got too much to learn about this sort of poetry to offer an honest critique. And to be honest, I normally find this sort of verse very hard to read; but this was easy and flowed really well. So I'm presuming it is well constructed and follows whatever the rules are.

Great job and thanks for throwing the brick; I might of missed it otherwise.
rest their weary heads on cordroy knees of old men...I can see that so painted a beautiful picture through every line....loved it!
Ahh this really touched my heart. I love how fresh and clever it is. You described the topic masterfully!
Congratulations on the 1st place finish for both your level and the EC!
I love this! Congratulations, Jim!
Awesome! This was a clever take on "weary."

Congrats on your big win!
This piece is beautiful. Lovely words woven into the perfect offering for this topic. Wonderful job! And congratulations on your 1st place win!
Congratulations. God bless~
Congrats on your win! This is an extraordinary piece and so well done.
Jim - another great poem and a well deserved win. Congratulations! This is one of your best.
I wanted to wrap myself up in this poem like a warm blanket. There is a nostalgia to it, a comfort. Quite lovely!
Love it. I feel like curling up with this poem, laying my head on a worn corduroy knee, and resting. Congratulations, Jim - well deserved win on this one. Sigh.
Awww, lovely!
Wow, that is so good, I loved reading it.