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Perfect word choices, love the formatting and the message is timeless. Fantastic work!
I am amazed at all of the talented writers, and the entries presented in FW.

This one was simply fabulous and explosive. It touched my heart and spoke to my soul.

I loved it, and I thank you for bringing to us.

God bless~
Really well written, gripping and moving.And I didn't realise until the end Who it was really about. Well done!
I can't say enough how impactful this is. What a great glimpse you have given us and what a great message. Thanks so much for sharing this piece with us.
You're right. I didn't know it was Jesus you were writing about until the end. Great job!
I felt every emotion with this led us on with every word. Love it.
Beautiful and excellent are the words that come to mind first.
This is so beautiful. I sensed immediately that Jesus was speaking to me alone. How wonderful to have a God who loves us enough to experience many feelings we as human have so he can proclaim, I understand how that feels come to me and I will give you rest. This is a winner in my book!
Very powerful emotions and strong graphics.

Now we know where to turn to; because He has felt the weariness of it all like no other.

Thank you.
Beautiful! I didn't know it was Jesus until the last words! :D
Congratulations for placing 22 overall!
I especially like the rhythm of this piece. Well done! I didn't see where the story was going until much later than I should have. I like this. Good writing.