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I like this entry. I have a Helen or two in my life but they don't seem to get the subtle hints with my huge yawns or when I vaccum the carpet around them. Thanks for the tip!
I will be sure to keep that Proverbs passage in a frame! Clever, funny and a wonderful message.

I think we all know a "Helen." Nicely done.

Thank you. God Bless~
This was very well written and to the point. I found myself hoping, though, that the people in Helen's life were going to see through the irritation she caused and realize that she was crying out for help and/or companionship. Her husband left, her daughter left for school...she's all alone.

When the point turned out to be that she needed to change, so that she would stop bothering her neighbors with her "neediness", I was a little dissapointed. That's not to say you've written anything wrong, for all I know, that's what you wanted us to see. Or maybe you agree with those who just wanted to make Helen leave them alone. It's something to mull on, for sure. I think this was a wonderful piece because of how much it's made me think. Great job!
I have a Helen in my life right now and I'm trying to find that balance of giving her some quality time where I'm honestly spending time being there for her... but at the same time not allowing her to manipulate me into giving more than I can or should. It's a constant learning process, but a healthy one to learn, I think. Great food for thought!
This story left me with such sadness. My heart ached for poor Helen. Being lonely is such a terrible thing. I can understand where Charlotte and the minister were coming from though. Perhaps it sadden me so because I have seen lonely people make dipterous decisions from suicide to settling for an abusive mate. When wondering why these people would stay, the obvious answer was that abuse hurts less than loneliness. This is a well-written piece that I'm certain will touch many people in many different ways. It takes talent to achieve that. Nicely done.