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Awww, cute. The "we'll talk about this later" made me laugh out loud.
This little guy was adorable and in many ways wise beyond his years, definitely "faith of a little child". His little train-of-thought-reasoning left me smiling.
Awwww....I just want to squish this little guy! I love how you inserted the Gospel into his prayer.
So adorable. I love stories about children and animals. So pure, so unconditional and so touching. This made my heart smile. Thank you.

God bless~
You used great details to make the reader love your characters--like when Eli squeezes his mom's cheeks while she talks with his pudgy hands. I could see this sweet conversation. Excellent writing.
Yep, he was a bright little three year old. Lovely little chappy and lots have come to Christ in their childhood. Thanks for an amusing and enjoyable story.
Oh, this precious story brought tears to my eyes. The dialog was wonderful!

PS..I laughed at the runny snooty nose. Loved it!

Great job!!

A precious story that really touched me; let me tell you how.

It reminded me of how simple our faith needs to be sometimes and how complicated we can make it. And I needed this reminder right now.

I loved the dialog and felt you did the young fella to perfection.
I'm smiling. :)There's so much I "see" in this story...

Yup...all I can do is smile. :)
How skillfully you stretched this little guy's heartstrings to grab ours and hang on! Beautifully done.
I had this long comment about how wonderful your story was when the site went down. I am glad I get to read it again. The bond between mother and child is so beautiful. I felt I was right there. When I first read about the snot dripping down and wiping it on his mom's sleeve I knew I would love this story and you didn't disappoint. The dialog felt so real and natural.One of my favorites this week.