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Truly amazing tale of faith and love and trust in the Lord. To give so willingly and a gift in itself. I loved this entire piece. I don't know if I missed if it was a true story or not, it seems as if it is. Either way, it is a story I will never forget...I loved it. You touched my heart. Thank you.

GOD Bless~
This is a masterful piece. If I only had the faith of your MC. I do need to let go more and know God will take care of me, he always has. When you spoke of the memories of childhood, I thought of my little 10 yo niece who knew her cousin was raising money. She looked me in the eye and said I have everything I need, it's just money and Lydia needs it now, After confirming she had permission to donate whatever she wanted she ran to get her piggie bank she kept county out the money until she was at $35 which is about $32 more than I expected. Oh to have a heart of a child. Your story reminds me of the joy of that day, Not just for Lydia but for my niece as well.
Hi -

This was a good read indeed.

We need such reminders to keep us focused on what has the most meaning and value.

Thank you for how well you expressed the truths here.
Author's note: Yes, this is a true story.