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This beautiful poem is so full of hope and inspiration, I'm singing "hallelujah!" along with the narrator. I like the rhyme of the last lines.
Beautifully portrayed - like sitting on the window sill of Heaven. Very moving -
'Salt tear rivulets trailed down my face; overwhelmed by majesty, I cried.' Such inspirig and thrilling picture of the Ric Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Thankyou

Lovely...this gave me goose bumps. So elegant and extravagant in its execution...and filled with pure love for the Lord.

Wonderful...Thank you.

God Bless~
Wow. Gripping. Worth a second read to capture the images once again. Awesome.
This is so lovely. There is so much hidden gems in each line. A very rich poem indeed,
This is beautiful, Beth. Congratulations on your EC! <3
Beth, this piece is packed with imagery that stirs the soul. Beautiful in content, excellent in delivery and reads like a prayer. No surprise that this was among the EC winners.
I often dream of this. Your words exceed anything I could dream of. Splendid writing!