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I enjoyed this creative poem -- reminded me of Pilgrim's Progress. Your last verses summed it up perfectly. Great job.
What a wonderful description of life's journey in a world that's not so friendly.

The ending was perfect. Homeward bound...Loved it!

Great job!
What wonderful descriptions of a life's journey, lessons learned, maturity gained, and longing for Eternity with Christ increased. WOnderful. Thankyou.
You have summed up earthly life in a few wisely written lines and left us looking/longing toward eternity.
Very heart warming, I feel the same way. As we age gracefully, we gain the kind of appreciation your poem describes. So easy to read and take in. Thank you.
What a beautiful reflection of life. I loved your are a fantastic poet. You've managed to put together a moving and memorable poem. It touched my heart. Thank you. Simply beautiful!

God Bless~
Beautiful! I felt like I was on this journey with you, in an auto perhaps, looking out the window as you showed me where you've been.

Your metaphores were stunning. My favorites were the hot iron of disappointment branding expectations, and the mountain leading to earthly things and the valley of things that matter most.

I can definitely relate to the first four stanzas! Hope, dreams, disappointment ... learning the true meaning of success. And I love the ending where you say "where I'm going is better than where I've been."

A great reminder to keep heading forward in our walk with Christ, down whatever road He chooses to lead us. Perfectly on topic!

I think you're in the right place in this level. :)
I loved this so much. I felt myself in this wonderful poem, especially the part about going homeward. Wonderful and so true.
This is so lovely. I could empathize with you as I walked down that road.