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You had me on the edge of my seat for the entire adrenalin pumping ride. Wow! Great descriptions and the heighth of climax had me practically breathing hard along with the girl and grimacing as the car behind them grew closer. I was so relieved that they made it.

This man's witness was not spoken in words but shown through action and self sacrifice. Rescuing someone from the captors of darkness and bringing them into the light, at any cost, can often mean our lives, just as Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us so we could have salvation and victory.

Praise God! Thank you for writing this piece-it speaks to the heart!!!!
Amazing! I felt I was holding my breath right through this and was so rellieved with the outcome! Your story-telling and descriptions were magnificent. Guess its no coincidence that the name Caden means Fighter! Thanks for such a great story with a great message at the end.
Very surprising ending. Wow! Intense and captivationg. I could not figure out why they were driving so eradic until the end and it all made sense. Great job showing.
Riveting, compelling, suspenseful, and absolutely brilliant. I loved it...I was in the moment and felt as if I was right there with the MC's. Beautiful job, well written and extremely touching.

I loved the entire piece.

God Bless~
An excellent and emotive piece.

I would love to read this as a longer story/novel; I can imagine this would make very compelling reading, looking at who the girl is, where she's from, how she ended up in slavery and how she was released. Fantastic storytelling, well done.
Whatever I say would be repetitious.

!!!!***** :-)
Certainly you had us right there in the back seat, turning back and looking ahead for the danger that you kept hidden right up to the end. I'm outta breath from riding along. Well done!
Wow! Looks like we don't need to look any further for a first place winner!

You'd have my vote! (If we could vote. :))
Well, that got my heart to pumping--after I quit holding my breath. That was really a wild ride. Have you thought of writing a thriller novel? I think you could.
When youve dedicated your life to loving like Christ, you go wherever it takes you. No matter how dangerous. He gazed ahead, past the boat lights and into the hazy cloak of night. And you never, ever look back.

Loved that ending line. Following Christ into the dangerous places is where we are always the safest no matter what the outcome may be. You wrote a fast-paced exciting piece from beginning to end. Good job!
Wow! More of us should dedicate our lives to loving more like Christ!!! This story had me riveted. Your descriptions were astrounding and the dialogue was perfect! This kept my interest from the very first paragraph. Excellent writing!
If a said a 'novel' approach, would it be a hint. This certainly could be an extract from something much bigger.

Great job.
OOOHHH this was suspenseful. The details fantastic. I could hardly wait to see from what they were running. I've heard more and more about sex traffickers lately. You did a great job of bringing this topic to the forefront so that we might be able to fix it.
Congratulations for placing 15th overall!