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Interesting article.

I didn't really get on top of the diet game until I read about processed food and started treating sugar and Polyunsaturated fat the same way I treated giving up cigarettes.

Processed food is all about getting us addicted.

I'm not sure if modern day obesity is caused by gluttony. That's my only grief with this article.

Otherwise it is well written.

Good solid food for thought here, with a positive challenge tucked into some clever word pictures
Clever storyline, and interesting thoughts in this piece. Well written and on topic. Thank you.

GOD Bless~
Hmm, ouch. I'm sitting here about to drink my eagerly-awaited home-barista-ed coffee while I read this...

This is spot on - but I would really like to know if you are coming from the perspective of one who has beaten this addiction, or from the other side?

For example, I can very easily tell my friends the evils of smoking, how they should stop it, now, it's not right, etc. But I've never smoked a single cigarette in my life! I am, however, one of the plus-sized over-eating addictees, living with the guilt of this every day and desperately trying to do what you have suggested, but failing more than I succeed. It's okay, I know it's a process, a journey, but I would certainly be more receptive to this hard-hitting article knowing that the author had in fact been there and done it!

Well done on being brave enough to enter this, I applaud you for that! Now, where's my coffee?! :-)
My goodness, how entertaining, delightful and absolutely hilarious this is! What a well deserved win. I'm positively blown away by the creativity residing in my fellow writers.
Amazing. This is another one that I need to read every day. Just stellar!
Oh dear - this is a bit too close for comfort! I have to confess, I carried on reading despite having just consumed several (not one!) digestive biscuits. Serious subject though and one to take to heart (and to mind and stomach). However, I also love the humour - 'a pillar of salt, or perhaps more aptly an oversized sugar cube.'!! Great writing. Many congrats on a well deserved placing Beth.
Love, Margaret
congratulations on your second place. Good writing!
Very creative and amusing with a message thrown in for good measure. You've probably rattled a few cages but I think this entry is excellent and definitely worthy of placing 2nd. Well done!
As one who joined the "cold turkey" group several weeks ago and thanking God for weight loss and improved health, I applaud your direct approach. There really are no shortcuts when it comes to health. It's a "one-day-at-a-time" journey for me, and I'll remember (and share) your no-nonsense approach. Congratulations on your recognition and your great writing! God Bless.