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What a beautiful and descriptive entry outlining the "significance" of a threefold cord. This was well put together and I loved the entire story.

Great job with this.
God Bless~
This was an excellent illustration of the need for a support team. There are so many lessons to be learned from the Biblical story and from your article too. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Oh my! This is a powerful and profound message!

Not only did you "nail" the challenge topic perfectly with the Moses/Aaron/Hur story of strength in numbers, you were able to translate that message and make it relevant for our lives, here and now, today. Good for you!

Thank you for this. It has encouraged me to be an Aaron or a Hur for those around me, AND...allow others to help me.

Here's my "Two thumbs up!"
Very powerful message with lots of little messages wrapped inside the larger one.

I particularly was struck with the focus of helping selflessly; even if it means discomfort to self.

A job well done on two fronts.
Oh, I love this. Very creative.

Did you notice the formatting seems to be a bit off, with shorter lines, like you manually pressed "enter" for the end of a line? Certainly not a big deal though.

This was so creative, and a great reminder of truth.
This is an excellent devotional entry with creative thoughts.
Wow! Yet another take on the topic of othe week. I'm very impressed with your entry. It kept my interest from the beginning to the last word. Wonderful writing! Blessings...
This is a nice take on the topic. You taught a Biblical lesson that fit thee topic but wasn't totally based on the verse in Ecclesiastes.

I noted at one point you missed an apostrophe on Moses. Some of it seemed a tad repetitive to me. I can't put my finger on the exact spot, but it felt like you were repeating your point.

I thought the way you alternated the lines was quite clever. It made me think of how a strong or long line together with a weaker or shorter line is a great analogy for life. together the long and short make a whole. Nicely done.