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Hauntingly beautiful. Beautifully done.

God Bless~
I loved your poetic images, so many beautiful lines. I felt as though I was enjoying the night with you. Well done.
I've decided there is nothing like old love. <3 Wonderful poem. I feel like I lived a decade with this couple.
This is great. A beautiful piece of poetry.
A beautiful poem with beautiful language. Lovely!
Loved the poem, but I'm wondering if it fell short of the topic, except for the one line near the end.
Lovely, and oh so sweet. I enjoyed it immensely!
Nice job with this.

I think I like how you mentioned the third cord without mentioned WHAT the cord it, but I'm not sure. lol My over-analytical mind keeps trying to tell me it's something else than the obvious. ;)

This was beautiful. I loved the longer last line in each stanza.
Thisa is just beautiful, what wonderful descriptions. I particularly love the last verse, it really touched my heart. Thank you.
Very nicely done! As I mentioned to another person who wrote a poetry entry, I personally would find that a challenge in itself. I admire your ability. I think one of my very favorite lines is your very last line. Blessings...
Beautiful. I love the repetition It drives the message home and brings the poem full-circle.
Congratulations for placing 10th in level four and 11th overall!