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I love this allegory. It took the children to understand and to make it to the King's Land. Skillfully written and I enjoyed the descriptions and conversations.
This was such a clever and well written entry. Original and brought forth a wonderful message.

Great job. Thanks.
God bless~
I completely adored this! I'm a big fan of John Bunyan style stories, and this one is told beautifully. The story flowed like a graceful, refreshing stream, and the Challenge topic was revealed naturally and creatively throughout. Very original! This is definitely one of my favorites this week. Hope it ranks at the top!
A great story.

Job well done.
I love the personifications in this sweet story and the wonderful message.
Loved this pilgrim's progess and the inspiring poems interpersed throughout the piece.

This was a very creative, well written approach to the topic; and certainly among the best.

Oh..this is brilliant! I loved every single word! The message was powerful and profound! Great job!
Oh wow. This is awesome. What a great parallel. I love the fairy tale feel with the deeper meaning.
This is a most beautiful allegory, as others have said, a Pilgrim's Progress-type parable. Just lovely to read and with great lessons. Thankyou
Excellent work! I was intrigued from the beginning to the end. One of my favorite lines in your story was "she bubbled with renewed hope!" How descriptive. Nicely done!
This is perfect. I could see it so easily as a picture book. I enjoyed the take on the Wizard of OZ. It's one of my favorite stories this week and leaves me with a sense of hope. I really loved this.
Congrats on your Editor's Choice!!! So glad this placed. :) You did a phenomenal job on this piece!
I am more of a reader than writer - and just had to say that this story sticks... I think of it often... especially of 'His Land' when I'm 'Little Faith'. So many blessings from this!! Praise to Jesus through you!
Thanks, Colleen. That means a lot to have someone say my story "sticks." I call that resonance - that you can hear it still ringing later on.
So true! I am a piano teacher and so agree with you: Yes, Resonance... of which God's 'Spoken Living' Word is the *best* example :)