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Oh this was so cute and yet held significant meaning. It told a story in a powerful yet entertaining way. Nice job.

God Bless~
Aaaarg! Methinks tis a nice bit o writin ye have here! Here's ta hopin ye be placin at the top o th' pile with this n'. :)
This one was WAY too fun - with a great message! Love the humor.
Oh my goodness. This is SO fun! I love it.
Fun story--I don't believe I've seen this kind of message in "pirate language" before.
Delightful! And obviously it has a wonderful message hidden in plain sight. Fantastic!
"Grab yer root beer, hold it high
Whack yer shipmate in the eye
Yank his hair and break his nose
Watch yer back, it's Jolly Joe's!"
~ The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, A Veggietales Movie

(Sorry, I couldn't resist. :) )

I adored this entry! It had me smilin' the whole way through. So glad that Sue and her maties discovered the greatest treasure of all! (Reminded me of some "treasure hunts" that I've made for my younger siblings. Having them look up verses and stuff for clues. :) )
LOVED this! Such a creative journey with perfect characters!
I'm no expert but your pirate dialect ran true all the way through, matey. Amazing not a parrot in sight, he he he. So creative and well done.
I'm speechless over this entry! The ingenuity of your writing was well-received by this reader! Excellent!
YAY CAT!!!!! Congrats on your well deserved EC!!
Soooo well-deserved, girlie. LOVED it! (You're back, Ms Cat!!)
Yea Cat! Happy dancin' with you for recognition for this delightful piece.
So creative! Congratulations on your EC!
Arr! Congrats on the the scorin' of a mighty fine Editor's Choice treasure for this adventure, me matey! ;)

Loved this entry so much! It was definitely among my top favorites this week! So glad you won! :D
oH! What fun, Cat! I've never read the salvation message in this way before! Excellent! Congratulations!!!
Love, love, love your creativity here! Wow! And what a message! Super congrats, Cat, on your Editor's Choice!!
Congratulations & applause! Wonderful tale it was there Matey!
Oh my, I be love-in' this; ain't no land lubber at 'eart neither. Arrgh! Well deserved 7th place EC. Quite a road map, that.
"Shiver me timbers!"

This was so much fun to read. I could see em and smell em..Haha!

Great job!
Wow. Fantastic writing. Loved the message and the read. Congratulations!