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That was a cute adventure...The ending can be interpreted several ways, I like that. Well written and on completely on topic.

Good job. God Bless~
Cute story. Reminds me of the times we packed a sandwich lunch and went exploring. Well written-kept my intrest throughout.
Funny and scary at the same time! Great story.
Great story. It had a great hook and kept me entertained through the end. God Bless!
I would love to throw apple conks at a bull moose. Sounds to me like those girls were having too much fun to go home for supper. Fun story that kept me guessing to the end.
Great story for spring and this topic! I felt like there was a lot of story between the lines as well.
Your effective writing made me hear the little girls' voices throughout the story. Well done.
As I read your story with ease, I could see why you are in the Masters category. What I noticed in your story is that unlike a lot of us beginners, your descriptive writing is not forced. You say things with such ease. There seemed to be just the right amount of dialogue to make it interesting, as well. I only saw one sentence where there was an extra "the" in it. Hard-pressed, I could look back and tell you just where it is. This story was very well-written and I was very impressed by your skill.
What an adorable sister tale! I laughed at little Nicky saying that it was fun to throw the apple cores at the moose. :) Such sweet innocence.