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WOW; This is a powerful piece of writing! The emotion can be felt in every word. Well done, very well done!
WOW! Powerful stuff. Thought provoking and emotional.
Wow this had me trembling. It also made me realize how ignorant I am about the world around me. At first, I had a hard time seeing the topic, but after thinking about it, I realized the "do-gooders" believed they were appointed by God to save the world, much like Hitler appointed himself in charge of keeping races pure. How sad. I am eager to earn more about this and will definitely check your link.
i first learned of this scar on Australia's history (every nation has them) watching the film 'Australia' with Nicole Kidman. A wrenching piece of writing. I would imagine the emotions invoked and evoked are spot on.
Brilliant execution of the topic with this compelling and moving story. You managed to bring us to the "moment in time" when these abominable actions took place.

Thank you for this riveting piece. God Bless you~
Oh, this is excellent. Short, but what a story you tell in these few words! Great job!
Heartbreaking story! Amazingly told! Thanks for sharing it.
Congratulations for ranking 19th overall!