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I enjoyed this very much. It made me think of my daughters. Good job!
I love this story. I did catch on fairly soon that the MC was a newborn. I think that might be because I wrote a very similar story on the humph topic. You did a wonderful job taking me into this alien world. There is nothing quite as miraculous as birth. Nice job.
Sweet and original. Nice job with this. God Bless~
:) I love this, and actually thought it was quite original.

I see now that someone commented that she wrote a similar story. While it is sometimes a good idea to throw out your first idea, if you think it's unique, go for it! Sometimes you can "tweak" an entry, and take it from a different point of view to make it unique. Don't let one similar story stifle your creativity.

It kept wondering who the MC was, and when I realized it, it was like the light bulb turned on, and I was happy to know I was right when I read the ending. Nice job!
I really liked this entry too. I picked up on it being a new-born because I'd read another one about a new-born and it was still fresh in my mind. Good writing!
I used to wonder what my babies were thinking during those moments. giggle. Now you've enlightened me. Love this coming from the baby's POV.
I saw this differently than others who've commented; probably a tribute to your creativity.:-) With my nursing background, I've seen many elderly who have reverted to infantile behavior. I imagined this as I read this piece, until the last sentence. Minor grammar issues, but overall nicely done.
I enjoyed this, creative POV, it was an interesting read. Good job.
Congratulations for ranking 17th overall!