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So true to life. Wonderful voice. Kept seeing Dustin Hoffman in my mind's eye!
I'm quite new to this site and finding my way round but this is the best piece of writing I have read on here so far. I have an autistic daughter and this might have been her voice (ok I know the protagonist is male, but so many things chimed). An excellent entry.
Oh I just love this. You painted such a perfect picture. The dialog was so authentic. I thought the MC was female so my eyes bulged when he announced Jason as his roommate, but you clarified it with the tie. This was such a clever and fresh way to showcase the topic. I really liked the hidden message that so much of who we are is tied to our employment. I know when my illness made me stop working it really hit my self-esteem hard. The ending was great. I like how Walter's dream came true but not right away, only after years of hard work.
Excellent it was as if I was watching the entire event before my very eyes. It is a compliment to writers when a reader is engaged so deeply with the MC-that it feels as if it is happening at the very moment. Congratulations - you did that for this reader!

I LOVED this entry.
God Bless you for this human story that touched my heart so many times, and once again!

Great writing! I loved the voice and the flow of the story. I loved the MC's asides ("I say, 'Good.' Unless he's late. Then I don't answer.") So real! This is a wonderful story!
A very well-deserved win! This story is beautiful and touching and authentic. I loved everything about it.
Absolutely deserving of first place! Excellent writing!
This is excellent writing. I have two sons on the Autistic Spectrum and the detail in your writing is so characteristic and convincing. I was hooked from beginning to end. A well deserved win!
This is a little bit heart-breaking, a lot of poignancy, and filled with hope. Great story, wonderful writing. Congrats on your 1st place awards!!
Congratulations on your first place win! Wonderful!
Wonderful story. This gave me goosebumps. Congratulations on your 1st place!
Congratulations! A BEAUTIFUL piece of writing. Loved every line!
Very nice and a great take on the topic. One suggestion...I thought Steve was a girl at first. It's best to establish gender early on.

Hearty Congratulations!
A heartfelt story that depicts clearly how human dignity is preserved when we are allowed to work, as God intended. Well done.
Congratulations on your well deserved first place win! This story was absolutely amazing...and such a reminder that the handicapped want to have that feel of self worth too, that doing a job well brings. Applause on this!!
Great job. Very touching. Wonderful job painting a picture and the emotions of the MC.
I love love love this story!!! Congrats!!!
Wonderful piece depicting a slice of life for someone who is challenged. I also felt like each scene was unfolding before me as I read this very deserving winning entry. Great job with the dialog, your descriptions, and everything in between.
Congrats! God bless~
Wow, amazing story. You did perfectly with the characterization and giving us just enough details but not too many. I laughed out loud at the no "good" if the bus was late. Stellar entry.