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You wove a wonderful story from this verse and this time in Bible history. The details unfolded slowly, showing us that the two women's roles had been reversed by showing us their hands. When Aliya(sp?) spoke her words of testimony, her heart was revealed and the ending became obvious--but it was SO satisfying. :)
This is such a creative take on the topic. It gave me chills. What a beautiful message. We never know when our lives may be totally turned around.
Beautifully written - well told. I was enthralled by this loving story...It was powerful and provided such a strong message. Great job!
God Bless you.
Oh, I love this. Very creative take on the topic. I love the role reversal, and how Aliya was able to show love, even though the MC hadn't treated her well. Nice job!
The time and place was palatable from the beginning. Loved this story.
Wow! All that inspiration from that one little verse! Nicely done!
I really like the way you wrote this story. You had just enough details for me to see everything yet let my imagination fill in the gaps. I also thought it a neat way to express that Bible verse.
No red ink here. ;)
The quality of writing in this story is excellent, as is the story itself. A wonderful display of mercy and compassion. I really enjoyed this!
Congratulations! This had me enthralled from the beginning. Simple and touching, yet deep and convicting.
Yay! See what happens when you enter! You shouldn't wait a year until the next time!
I love your creativity for this topic. Great story! Congrats, Amy!
Congratulations on a well deserved win! This was an absolutely wonderful story, encompassing a wonderful message. So well written! You made the scripture come alive in such a personal way!I was engrossed beginning to end! Applause!
Simply beautiful writing. You add in little things that aren't perhaps necessary, but take the story from great to amazing. Things like the description of the wood, the muddy floor, and so many other little things. I've read that verse before but never really grasped what it would have been like for the captives. I hope there were many situations like this.

Please, do not wait another year before entering again; I can't wait to read more of your stories! Blessings, Helen.
I always enjoy reading a Bible story that the writer can bring to life such as you have done. Congratulations on your much deserved win and talent for taking a short verse and making a compelling story from it.
congrats...God bless~
This truly moved me. I really enjoyed reading this. I liked how it integrated the Bible with a short story.

I can't think of anything I would suggest to change or do differently to make it any better. You did a great job giving enough detail to put people in the story and did not leave the reader with a million questions at the end of it.

Thank you for sharing this. Your talent shows forth in your writing!