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Great job! I loved how the pilot didn't tell the "kid" anything about being in trouble - wonderful, and so well written. God Bless~
Loved getting the behind-the-scenes look at helicopter flying. Sounds like you either know your stuff or did good research. I always appreciate that. Great background story, too.
Good story and you handled communicating the needed technological stuff for it to make sense well.
The action is INTENSE! My heart is racing. Awesome story.

A couple of notes on the Southern dialect: “ long've ya'll been..” The correct spelling is "y'all", and it's plural, a contraction of "you all" used when addressing more than one "you". :)

"Gotta shelf full of models.." 'Gotta' is a contraction of "got to", as in, "I gotta read more challenge entries." :)

Super, super adventure. Very good!
Congratulations for ranking 12th in level 4 and overall!