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Oh, I really loved this. It was a story that most can relate to today, with unemployment so high. The ending was fabulous, the message strong - and the dedication and commitment to stay in the Word and do His work, clearly stated.

Nicely written - good job!

God Bless~
What a lousy reason to explain why this time for the meeting. Worse is the callous take it or leave it mindset of the guy in charge. Corporate bullies are far too common.

Hurrah for the Christian who put his faith building a higher priority. Even with the year of struggles and doubts, the man is likely happier than ever.

Nicely done.
What a wonderful take on the subject of Commitment! Too often we forget that our prime responsibility as Christians is to do what will (a) bring more people to a relationship with God and (b) bring more glory to His Name. It's a huge responsibility but it's also a privilege and joy.

Great story!
Great story! I absolutely love your last line When I put God first, He replaced my American dream with His. That says it all! Well done!
Your title interested me. You packed a lot of information in this story. I am curious to know if this family truly lost their house and cars in that year of unemployment.

I had trouble with the sentence where you were explaining on one hand. I think it had an extra word that did not belong.

Good Writing!

You told this story well. Having him end up flipping burgers was a bit of a cliche but it worked for the story. I'm a little uncomfortable with the mc being left on the heap of the unemployed. To be honest, it sounds like God has called him to poverty and I struggle with that. His tutoring gig will certainly benefit the kids and fulfill the mc, but it won't feed his family. Perhaps shed some light on the new path--new opportunities? Maybe he becomes a master teacher or starts a kid publishing. company? But you made your point and it was a good one.
I really liked this piece. Not only did it nail the topic and have a great ending, but I couldn't beat the title. Great job!