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A lot going on in this story. It was an interesting read, and the topic was clearly apparant. Thanks, Good job. God Bless~
I enjoyed the journey - even though through pain - to the place of understanding the power of personal choice tempered with the promise and undying devoted love of God. Good read. Thanks
Very interesting story of self-revelation. Well done.
I really liked this story. I was able to get into the characters right away. Great writing!
I like that pivotal moment when Beth gets honest with herself about her situation and opens the door just a crack. Was wondering how you were going to break through her cynicism. Good characterization of Beth and Gretchen and love the poem that shows us Beth's state of mind.
I think two articles, three poems and 73 rejection letters is a pretty good track record for a writer. For some it may be just "starting off," but it's still sounds pretty good. Maybe that's just me...
Congratulations! Nicely done...God Bless~
To be 750 words or less this intense little story had a lot going on in it. It was a very satisfying read.