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This was an interesting story on so many levels. I pray her friend called 911 before going to the motel. Over all, a good job demonstrating and clearly outlining the topic.
God Bless~
Oh those high maintenance friends. This is a compelling picture of how they test our commitment. Makes me sad to think that the pill popper doesn't seem to making any progress facing her issues. I'd like to see a ray of hope for those who have hung in there with a friend who repeats a cycle endlessly.
My thoughts too, I hoped Kim called 911 before she left for the motel! This made me think how hard it is sometimes to see the fine line between hanging tough with someone and tough love. Very realistic story of how very difficult true commitment can be! Great job.
My heart ached reading this tragic story. I can relate to the friend who's always there because of answering my phone at 3:10 am. Your story certainly raised up old pains. When writing clicks emotionally with the reader, then job well done.
I am blessed that I do not have high-maintenance friends. This story brought to light a side of my life I do not have, nor do I want. The committed friend has to go through so much. Kudos to this friend. I hope there is a support group for this friend. That sounds like a rough road to be on all alone.

Good writing.
i agree...very well written, especially communicating emotional pathos without sentimentality. I would love to see you revisit these characters again, addressing the complex issue of commitment versus enabling. Maybe if one of our topics is "disappointment?"
I forgot to mention: love the title-- short and pointed, with just enough foreshadowing to draw reader in without giving it away
Congratulations on your HR win! God Bless~