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You turned this subject on its ear in a well researched, respectful, thoughtful way. A concrete example of a hacker's specific contribution would have made this even more compelling.
This is interesting. I supposed that context needs to be considered, but I would think "good" hackers could share their discoveries before actually getting involved with illegal activities. It's certainly something interesting to think about.
This was a pretty intense entry. Very interesting and totally on topic. Nice job.
God Bless~
I enjoyed this. It is thought provoking. It's also the only entry that looks at the genius of hackers. Not all do it to steal or break the law but for pushing the limits to make the world a better place.
This was well written and gives one a lot to ponder...but to me a hacker is plain and simple, a cyber criminal. And it is a shame that any were rewarded for criminal behavior.