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Great story! It held my interest, flowed well and . . . I loved the ending. :)
That's great! Poor Tyler, he would have been "freaking out" to see that! It's funny, but the one line that really stood out to me was the reference to drawing the map on the blackboard 6 times a day. I love technology, but sometimes I long for the days when things were less technical, slower, dare I say easier! I really loved this story, well done.
Great job - and such an interesting storyline. I liked it so much. God Bless~
This is a great story. I really liked it was based on a true story. Though I must admit I was a tad confused at the end. Did the teacher pull the prank or was it Tyler? I think it was the teacher but was confused by the "We are watching you." You covered the topic in a fresh fun way.
What cute, interesting and lighthearted story! Thoroughly enjoyed the read!