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Oh this is so funny! I laughed out loud at the ending. You have a spectacular sense of humor. You covered the topic in a creative fun way.

Small editing note: I noticed you forgot an end quote once about 1/3 of the way down. (at least I thought you did, I suppose it could still be the wife talking but I read it as it was the husband talking in the next paragraph that starts with Good)

Thanks for starting my day off with a good chuckle, I really enjoyed reading this!
This was clever and could be just about any elderly neighbor in Main Street USA. I enjoyed it so much! Nicely done!

God Bless~
Thith one goeth to the top of my litht, becauthe it'th tho thweet and thpethial!
Oh how we can all relate to poor ole George! LOL You have so cleverly turned the aggravation and frustration of being bombarded with advertising spam at every turn, into a light-hearted spoof! My mind could just imagine this played out like an old time sitcom. I would have loved to have seen George’s face as the little girl “lisped” out her name at the end! Funny! Great job.
This was SO cute! I really enjoyed the progression through the various things that bothered George and it ending with the sweet little lady!

So well written and left me with a smile. Thanks!
I enjoyed your humor and the husband and wife exchanges. Your ending with that Little Lady was adorable. :)
Delightful, original, story with lots of visuals and excellent dialogue. Your opening line instantly caught my attention, and your clever ending was perfect. Loved the way you presented your POV with lighthearted humor. I think there were a few unnecessary commas in the Burma-Shave commercial.

I loved the Burma shave advert. Poor man. I loved the ending too - a good commentary on how life bombards us with adverts at every turn.