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Oh how I love this! You are so creative with this difficult topic. I had a hard time understanding what spam is but your painting of it really helped!

I think it was brilliant to show the POV of a computer. I did notice in the end when you were explaining the analogy it seemed like the POV switched from the computer to a person then back to the computer.

But I think your illustration is excellent and it really opened my eyes. Outstanding writing!
Simply brilliant! There are no words to describe this amazingly well written entry-which packed a powerful message in every paragraph.

Loved it! Fabulous!

God Bless you~
Okay, I think it was supposed to sound like the POV of a computer in the beginning, but it actually ends up being a person, at least that is the way I see it. Very cleverly written, with great message and I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
Great Story! Clever! Exceptional writing! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. And about the comment before me - yes, Linda, that's right!
Your writing is smooth and your relevant message fit seamlessly in this fascinating entry. Great work!