The Official Writing Challenge
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Oh boy! That sounds like fun!
1. How well did this entry fit the topic? 5.0

2. How creative, unique, fresh and memorable was this entry? 4.6

3. How well crafted was this entry (grammar, predictability)? 3.9

4. Did the entry start well? 3.3

5. Did the entry come to a satisfying conclusion? 3.7

6. Was this entry clearly written and communicated? 3.6

7. Did it flow smoothly? 3.4

8. How publishable is this entry for its target audience? (?)
This was an enjoyable read, I liked it. And I liked how you pulled it together in the end. Nice Job! God Bless~
Okay, I wonder how many readers will go type in “google golf” after reading this! LOL I am forcing myself not to! LOL I really enjoyed this, it was a fun read and sounds like a fun game to boot! Such an entertaining way to write about the topic and quite memorable too! Great job!
I like the two characters you created and how they interact. It is a fun read. I wanted something more, some conflict or more humor or something.

I enjoyed the dialogue although I confess I lost interest halfway through. I got bogged down in the rules and the scoring.
This was fun and certainly on topic while still being creative. We've done similar games like this and it was quite fun.
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level 4 and 13th overall!