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Interesting and clever way of bringing forth the topic. And, good job of praising God. I liked it. God Bless~
A double delightful acrostic poem! Love the way you compare the fleshly way of searching for answers to the spiritual way Ė compare a computer search engine with manís internal search engine! The first half searching just to feed manís curiosity, answers and reason given without emotion. The second half, searching to feed our soul, seeking answers that go beyond human reason and fill us with the emotion and truth of Godly love. Wonderful concept, well done! Enjoyed!
Good message with an interesting format. I wanted the verses to rhyme or be more in sync.

An interesting poem. I liked the contrasts between the beginning and the end. How easy it is to click buttons and surf through information - someone else having done all the hard work. How much more active to be searching to please God.
I really enjoyed the contrast. There's a lot of wisdom packed into these lines.
Excellent poem comparing the two in showing their vast differences.