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Wow, what a story! I donít know that I see the topic in it but at this point, who cares because - Wow, what a story!! Talk about imaginative and creative! And what a delightful and fun read!
The story is amazing and my mind almost could not comprehend the vision of it all, while at the same time wanting not to miss a single bit of the mind boggling detail! Magnificent writing! Thoroughly enjoyed!
Very creative. Maybe a bit overdone as I grew a bit weary in the telling. Defnitely has a lot going on. I don't see it as on topic, but it is on a great topic.

Wow, so creative! It was a bit hard to grasp it all, but I think I could read this over and over and get more out of it each time. Very clever!!
You really drew me in at first. Ifound myself chuckling. Then I noticed I was having a hard time understanding it all. But that just might be my tired brain.