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That was a deep and brilliant way of using the topic. I enjoyed it, I read it two times to gather all its worth...The "Web" clever!
Nice job! God Bless~
What an ingenious story of description, paralleling the world web and its spiders with Grandpa Ed and his spider! This magnificently woven story pulled me into its web from beginning to end! Loved this! Terrific job!
I'll never think of the web the same. Simple, and yet it says a lot. You drew a picture with your words.

This is brilliant in so many ways. I loved the spider analogy. You packed a lot of story in 750 words. Nicely done.
I loved this one. Grandpa was such an interesting character. The setting of the basement in darkness and the stars outside - so much detail. And the spider kept me reading till the end,
Beth, a great big CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful word picture - every detail so well spun - he he :)
Congratulations Beth on placing 1st and EC with this superb entry. I'm petrified of those eight legged little beggars but I quite took to this one! Fantastic job!
Congrats on your win! This is such a clever story. I love that the spider is lurking about, unbeknownst to the MC, and how the spider relates to the world wide web.
HUGE Congratulations Beth! Wonderful result and wonderful writing as always.
The visual imagery in this is stunning. I like the way you give so much information so effortlessly and I like the context -- technology informed by nature. Be careful with those adjectives strung together with hyphens. They are distracting (too many hooked together). Very deserving of a number one pick!
Congratulations on your 1st Place on level and in EC. This awas a fascinating read. You really drew me into this piece. I kept waiting for your MC's reaction to the spider landing on his head. I think I was holding my breath!