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Oh my heavens-what a touching and heart warming story! I loved this! It held my interest all the way through.

It was perfectly on target with the subject - and it was current with the "dating online services" and most important of all; she learned who her greatest love of all is. Amen. What a fabulous entry.

Beautifully written and phenomenal ending! Great job! God Bless you~
I think this is one of my favorites I have read, for just the sheer raw emotion of it, first in MCs hurt and then in the revelation of her actions and then with the joy of fully remembering her first love, Jesus! The topic was so flawlessly woven into the story, you would never guess this story was topic driven. It was a great read with a great message - just an excellent job on this!
This entry needs to be listed under the heading: How to write a dynamic entry while keeping fully on topic.
I love everything about this entry. The conflict and resolution. So believable. Teaches a lesson worth learning. Gets a big thumbs up from me.

I thought your scenario was very believable. Often we think in terms of happy ever after when Christians get married - a rosy glow that is not everyone's experience. I loved the way you brought the story back to God and the truth that we are never alone.
This is a great take on the topic. Very creative you pulled me in right away and the ending was perfect. I really thought the search would show her perfect match was her husband. I'm so glad you didn't go that rate. I could relate to the MC you did an outstanding job of showing her angst.
I LOVE your ending. It's powerful. This is perfect topic-wise and story-wise. Congrats on your EC!
A true experence for many
enjoyed reading this peiece