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Love the descriptions of fall and nature. But, I didn't get how it is on topic. Maybe, the squirrel is searching? i'm not the best at figuring these deep ones out.

Living in the Northeast, I could see the gray squirrel scurrying around in the leaves. I love the imagery and choice of words, but sorry to say, I don't think this could be counted a "search engine."

1. How well did this entry fit the topic? 0

2. How creative, unique, fresh and memorable was this entry? 4.9

3. How well crafted was this entry (grammar, predictability)? 4.6

4. Did the entry start well? 4.7

5. Did the entry come to a satisfying conclusion? 4.8

6. Was this entry clearly written and communicated? 4.6

7. Did it flow smoothly? 5.0

8. How publishable is this entry for its target audience? 4.5
This is a magnificent poem and though it doesnt seem to touch topic in any way, I forgot that as I got caught up in the wonderfully descriptive vision of its lines.
I could see this in a childrens book with wonderful illustrations of the animals.
Thoroughly enjoyed! Blessings.
I enjoyed this so much. Nice job, and well written. I think this could be in a children's Christian magazine. Thank you. God Bless~
Gorgeous phrases, word choices, images. You are a master! I plan to put this in my favorites.
With illustrations, an ejoyable and worhwhile
children's story. Also, a comment from my wife Gill - veeery goood!
This paints such a lovely picture in my mind. Although the squirrel was searching I didn't really see the topic search engine. Many people have done a non-computer search and yours is quite creative and beautiful.