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OK. I get the 'search engine'. Not sure if the entry is out of the box or off topic...
Interesting. A couple typos.
I liked your story. Though "search engine" is known as computer language, I think each writer had the liberty to gear the topic to other avenues as you have done. That's just my thought. Good job.
This must have taken a lot of thought- so much information was contained in this entry.

I like how you "envisioned" the search engine to be. I enjoy going with "our imagination" of a topic. And not staying with the rote definition. And, this clearly is one of those individualized perceptions.

I got it! And, I appreciate your imagination. Thanks.

Good job. God Bless~
Interesting! A futuristic robotic-intelligent type search engine! Unconventional use of topic but clever for sure! I enjoyed this read beginning to end! Very imaginative! Well done! God Bless.
I enjoyed the direction you took with this. The only thing I might suggest would be to add more tension, to up the ante in some fashion concerning the child's safety. Well done.
Yep! I like your 'search engine' too. Well done, and God bless you.
Spot on topic. This is a very creative approach to search engine. The use of technical detail to describe a new device will appeal to a sci-fi audience. I agree with others who have commented about turning up the heat on the humans. What happens if Lucy fails? Perhaps something needs to be at stake for Lucy's inventor.The machine has demonstrates more passion than the people!
This is really clever and creative. You did a nice fresh approach on the topic. There were a few typos pack instead of back, tax payers should be taxpayer's. But it was a fun read. The ending was a tad predictable but the beginning really drew me in and made me want to keep reading.