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Unfortunately, this depiction of today's classroom is accurate and may even be mild compared to what it's really like. Well written and sadly right on the mark.
This is a great story. I felt for the poor teacher. You grabbed me at the beginning and held my interest to the end.

In the beginning you used there instead of their. Also I didn't think piratical is a word a teen would use, I think maybe you meant practical:)

You did a fantastic job with the teen characters, they were very realistic. The message was wonderful!
Very nicely done. Great dialogue and what a point you've made with this little piece. Too bad that it's more true than it should be.
This depicts a sad reality in many schools.

I realize you were probably, as I said above, depicting reality in most schools, and you probably know this, but, if a student brings up a Biblical topic in class, a teacher is allowed to address it, and students are more than welcome to have Bibles in school. As an education major in college (though I've never actually taught) I wish you'd had addressed the rights students DO have, even if it had been in the context of explaining it, then saying "but in THIS school..." or something to that effect. :)

Overall, and excellent story, and you did a great job capturing the students' voices and attitudes.
You've captured well the discomfort of the teacher and her students in dealing with the subject of sex in the classroom. It's sad when prescribed dialogue overules honest communication on an important topic. I would have like to see the teacher struggle a bit more at the end with the dilemma of having to address a complex issue on a superficial level. Kudos to you for tackling a tough topic.
A realistic depiction of what could be a real incident! Thank God places like "The American Center for Law and Justice", ACLJ, are fighting this kind of misunderstanding of students rights! The court declared school-sponsored, government funded Bible reading and recitation unconstitutional, but so many interrupt it wrongly, violating the students rights! So many schools, ban it all because they dont want to deal with the interruption or someone elses misinterpretation of the law. Your story was so well written and it is ironic indeed that all manner of sexuality seems to not be feared to discuss in schools, but the word of God is! Sad, sad, sad state of things! God Bless!
Congratulations. God bless~
Congratulations Patrica on your well deserved HC and EC win!