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Compelling thoughts and theories in this story. It will be getting more controversial in the end times, which we are in, hopefully people will wake up. I enjoyed this. Nice job. God Bless~
Some really great points. How important it is for God's people to be wise and discerning, which can only come from spending time in His presence.
A well-written article that I could see reading in a Christian magazine. I like how you used the metaphor throughout and summed up your points in the end.
Excellent, excellent article that is so true!! More and more and more what the bible tells us is unacceptable to God, is slowly being accepted, even in the churches and in many Christian homes. Satan certainly knows how to boil a frog and too many Christians are becoming too comfortable in the lukewarm pot of false teachings that flood us today! Great job on this and an article Id like to see distributed and read beyond this writing challenge!