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I really appreciate the lesson about how we treat others and that we will still have useful and fulfilling lives in heaven. But, I think the theology that we somehow return to earth as angels or messengers is inaccurate.
This has sort of a "Touched by an Angel" feel to it. Thoughts to ponder about how we use our power of persuasion in a not so good way.
Great job, I liked this whole storyline. Nice dialogue along with "what may be" and how we should behave while still on earth. I enjoyed it.Thank you. God Bless~
I was confused by this - did the story mean Marissa, seemingly a human that died, was in training to be an angel? If so, I agree with Tracy, that is unscriptural - angels and humans are different creations of God and one will never be the other. Or was this saying that humans, though saved, still has lessons to learn in heavenů??? At any rate it has a strong message about realizing bad behavior to others and the harm it can bring to us as well as them.
Very well written, and though I disagree with the theological idea presented, I remember this is fiction and you have written a fine piece. Good job!
I love this story. It has suspense, humor, and conflict. Some may argue humans don't return to earth but I still like this. For one it's fiction and two God Work in mysterious Ways! We won't know until we get there! Great writing.