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This is bleak material, and I'm not sure as an Aussie how appropriate it is for me to comment. However, I feel that though changes are cutting a swathe through your culture and ours, we are entering an exciting time for all writers. For our writing stretches beyond our personal conversations and into the hearts and minds of people we may never see this side of eternity.
God is not a prisoner of any culture, nor trapped in any changes, and we need to let people know.
I remember holding my hand over my heart as I recited the pledge of allegiance in my school room. As a young girl I thought America was the best place in the world. I still feel very blessed to live here, but I now grieve for this country as much as I love her. A sober and well written poem.
Wow this is powerful. I can relate in so many ways. It scares me where our country is heading. I even told my son the other day it feels that we are slipping away from a democracy. There are still many awesome things about the USA but if we don't take heed of your message the future may indeed be very bleak indeed.
Much truth and very sad. I believe many of us can understand and feel the sentiments written in your poem very well. A piece well written and expressed.