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Poor Sheldon! The first day of school and summer was over (I felt his pain on that one.) :) What a name and title for the story of cleverly crafted errors that befell Sheldon. I'll say it again, "Poor Sheldon!"
Cute and amusing - hope the girls were worth waiting for at class! Thanks!
Yes indeed, poor Sheldon! I'd love to have seen a little more characterization of his mother.

Great job capturing the voice with sensitivity in this story. Thanks!
A really well-done character study presented with empathy.
Aw! This was a tear jerker for me. I visualised Sheldon so well from the way his mum spoke to him and his attempts to act like a 'regular guy.' Sensitively written but ... aaawwww!
You've captured so much adolescent angst in this entry... Ahhh memories.
I wanted to smack that clucking alarm clock. Who buys that for their kid? Yikes. (in a good way, that was an emotional reaction, that's a good thing)

And poor Sheldon. I'm shure I had Sheldon the ladiesh man shtalking me in in shchool. As an adult I can appreciate him, and have some compassion for him :)

The only mild criticism is the the ending felt a little rushed but it's not bad.

Good work :) !
I thank heavens I never was on a school bus, I was always able to "walk" to class. hahahaha. I enjoyed this, and the MC Sheldon. Spot on with the topic. Good story. God Bless~
The thought of breaking my glasses is one of my worst nightmares. I gave out an audible Ooh! when Sheldon broke his. I agree, the ending was weak, almost irrelevant, perhaps due to word count restrictions. Sheldon's last name surely couldn't have scored any points for him:-)

I think your class will like this story.
What a funny-yet-heart-tugging story. I agree with previous commenters that the ending was the weakest link, but your MC was so great. Loved it!
I just want to say poor Sheldon, poor Sheldon, poor Sheldon, one of the incidents would have been bad enough first day at a new school, when you are a bit different to begin with, but all of them...poor Sheldon!I couldnt see any comedy in it for feeling sorry for Sheldon. But this was well written, with vivid visual detail!