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What a tale! I am so glad there is more than one of us in this world...
I'm inspired to write a "Dear John" letter. Great true to life material, totally believable.
Oh so funny! I'm still laughing. Doggone those new fangled contraptions!

Since you asked, the twitching from present to past and back, and back and forth again was done quite well, but it almost lost me for a second. Also, it wasn't clear why she was trapped in it overnight. Wouldn't they have thought to look for them there when rehearsal time rolled around?

Otherwise, too many great descriptions and word pictures to name, but I loved the "tears stood sentry" one.

Loved this from beginning to end. Creative job and what a comedy of errors!
1st class comedy farce. But it was only just a piddling wedding.
Hahahahahahahhaha...Good story, great lines. I loved it. God bless~
Oh dear - how great! And I'm impressed/frightened at your creativity here. Awesome work!
I enjoyed this but I too was confused why people would not be looking for them when the rehearsal began and they were not there - or why people at the rehearsal could not hear the cries for help! But that aside, it was a very entertaining read and an error that though funny to read, I'm sure was not so funny to live!
This is hysterical. I laughed throughout. You must have fancier port-a-potties out in Az though because I've never heard of one that flushes but that made the story even funnier to me. Congratulations for ranking 8th in level 4 and 11th overall!