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LOL! Excellent job writing a very funny tale in rhyme!
Since I drew a blank with this week's topic, I wondered how others would treat it. You did a great job! Can I guess that WC means Washing Chamber? If I'm wrong, perhaps that might be one minor "flaw," and my "dilemna is not over.":-) Then, too, perhaps you took care of that in the title. You used great rhyming words: reinforced - and off-course and the rhythmn flowed effortlessly. Well done!
Thank you for the laugh! Great job!
This is the funniest poem I've ever read! I think it's known as 'lavatorial' humour! In future I shall refer to the WC as the 'loo' to avoid misunderstanding!
I hope that lady had good kidney control!

I like how you highlight the confusion that can come from a simple misunderstanding, and even more so when dialogue is in two different langauages.

That you have conveyed the story in excellent rhyme is amazing.

I won't say too much for fear of being labelled a bladdermouth, but this was very clever.
A comical error for sure! Such a fun read, told so well, with lighthearted rhyme! Enjoyed!
This was hilarious. I forgot to look and see if this placed in the rankings, but, as far as I'm concerned, it was a true winner. Your rhyme and meter are right on, making reading it a delight. You have a true gift with a poet's pen.