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I am still chuckling - really love this, particularly 'The near side of every argument (grog-og) actually is the far side (grog-og) because the downside becomes the upside (grog-og), and besides (grog-og), I’m headed lakeside, and not creek side (grog-og). That’s what I think (GROG-OG).” '
Brilliant - that's what I think! Rather reminiscent of certain battles of the past!
Great characterising and a lot of fun. I think Franklin should apoll(ywog)gise to his mother, but as the old saying goes: time's fun when you're having flies....
Thank you for a good read.
Quite a ribbitingtale!!! This brought to my mind that children’s verse: Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms!…but in this case guess it would be momma frog saying that! LOL Fun and entertaining!