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Made me think of the message of Ecclesiastes. So thankful for the filling of God.
Such truth in verse!
This calls up St Augustine's statement that there is a God-sized vacuum in our hearts that only Goid can fill.
Beautifully expressed.
A good lesson in not filling our lives with worthless clutter - but filling our lives with Jesus and laying up treasure in heaven!
I like your contribution. I can picture it. This would make a great piece of "meditation" - even as audio book or visual clip. Got me thinking which pictures I would choose for nothing & emptiness and which ones I would choose for being full with the Lord, being full with His joy. What conditions do I associate with the one and what do I associate with the other? Thanks for posting.
This poem so vividly images people running to and fro; running themselves ragged seeking fulfillment and happiness, trying to find something of substance for life to make sense, but the searching is in vain unless it is God who fills that void! Trying to fill that hole with anything but God is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, it will never fit. Really like this poem and its message! Great job!