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What a lovely poem. I loved the concept of dual imprisonment and dual punishement. One waits behind bars doing the time and the other imprisoned on the other side - waiting for time "behind invisible walls."

Great rhythm and flow. "The swell of our live," - awesome metaphor.
Oops! punishment
Superb! Beautifully written. You told a story in so few words - well chosen words at that.
Great metaphoric writing - thanks for sharing this and I'm sure you enjoyed writing this out-of-the-box piece.
You created vivid contrasting pictures of punishment in your poem--excellently done.
A very succinct message about the silent victims of crime - families of the culprits. Well done.
This is great, you should continue stretching your selves in this venue as it truly seems to reveal your soul's voice. Excellent job with being on topic, too. Not always the easiest of tasks.
Very heart-breaking...
Oh, this is good, Cat - I loved some of the images you painted here, and the voice was excellent. Congratulations on your EC!
Ok, so maybe 21 weeks analyzing poetry has done me some good. I got this. Crying. Dear Cat, this is beautiful and heartbreaking. Congratulations on EC.
Truly lovely! Your choice of words brought out the contrast between the two and the poignancy of the situation. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC for your thought-provoking poem!
GREAT job, Cat. I like it very much! Congrats on EC!
I'm glad the judges agreed with me.:-) Hats off for a well-deserved win!
Wow, Cat! Incredible piece. It's hard to tell so much story in so few words in such a beautiful way.

well-crafted, and well deserving of your placement :)