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This story is so 'spot on' in every way.
There are many in the church who are almost on the outside looking in although they are supposed to be part of the Body.

I like how the Pastor reasons with himself and with God's view of Ginger.
Oh, if only we could remember always to get God's perspective on everything!

A great moral wrapped up in a story, cleverly told.
Definitely, a well-crafted character study filled with gracious sensitivity.

Vivid and considering the "explosiveness" of the character, quite realistic,
Very beautiful! I love your unique take on "this side of Paradise" as well as the deep lesson in it for every Christian. The paragraph about the 'nucleus of smiling people' was particularly powerful. Great writing.
You've developed a character to remember; you could develop a whole novel around her!
I forgot to add--a whole novel before the ending here!
Excellent writing and storyline. I like how you captured the emotion of the pastor. A lesson we could all key in on. Well done.
Wonderful perpsective and insight as we explore the pastor's inner dialogue against the superficial assessments by members of his church. But the strength of this piece is to recognise what Jesus sees within the people whose life-calling appears to be making life difficult for whoever they get to know. Beautifully written.
What a great story of a complicated character...and the people who only look on outward appearances---haven't we all been there? Thank God, He whispers from His heart into ours, so we can see through the facade the enemy throws up to frustrate our assigned ministry of reconciliation. You're a wonderful writer!